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How can I clear my KT in Maths 3?
It's my vacation and again I am thinking about my maths 3 paper I don't know whether I am going to pass or get KT so I decided to prepare for my sem 3 maths Can anyone suggest me how?

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Chill Bro, You are not going to get KT in maths 3 , if you solved atleasr 60-80% of Questions 

What should be the strategy?

Okay first forget that maths is very tough and it is not easy to pass . First understand your syllabus and make note of it . Note down the weightage of the following modules and start studying according to it . Without option the paper is of 80 marks and with options if you solve the paper is of 120 marks . My strategy for studying maths 3 at home according to mumbai university was this

  1. Make a note of your syllabus and create a daily timetable
  2. Make sure you follow your own timetable
  3. I had referred kumbojkar because it is one of the best reference books for maths . If you are from any other University then please ask your professors
  4. Make a seperate list of the formulas and revise them
  5. Start from toughest part not from easiest because easy part you can do it later on but tough part at the last can make you helpless and you can get panic ruining the paper
  6. Refer previous years University papers because most of the questions are set from last ten years papers
  7. Refer YouTube videos if you don't understand anything from your reference books . YouTube helped me a lot to clear my concepts
  8. Study alone purely because you cannot study in a group atleast for me it happens. You end up enjoying and chit-chating with your friends
  9. Make your own personal notes for maths
  10. Don't get stressed and best of luck for your exams . Do well
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oh thanks , your plan is really going to work


Just don't worry you will surely pass the exam if you think you have solved at least 50% questions.
But if you are sure that KT is for you then prepare as per the way suggested by Nitin

If you want any resource for your study then you can ask in this forum and yes formula list and other important things are available for you in this forum.

All the best !!

  • Team Quesnit
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oh let see thanks