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Computer Graphics Most Important Questions
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Module 1 :

What are the different applications of Computer Graphics?

what are computer graphics?

define resolution?

define aspect ratio ?

define the following terms phosphorescence and fluorescence ?

draw the diagram of CRT and explain its working ?

explain display file structure ?

what is a display file structure ?

write short note on raster techniques ?

differentiate between random scan and raster scan display?

compare random scan and raster scan techniques ?

Module 2 :

what are the disadvantages of DDA algorithm ?

explain DDA line drawing algorithm .

Derive resonance line drawing algorithm for lines with slope /

Explain the method to draw a thick line using Bresenham algorithm ?

explain midpoint circle algorithm used the same to plot the circle whose radius is 10 units

explain the midpoint circle generating algorithm

explain bresenham's circle drawing algorithm in detail

derive the midpoint algorithm for ellipse generation?

what is aliasing explain some anti aliasing techniques ?

topic: inside outside test

what is purpose of inside outside test explain with example ?

write short note flood fill algorithm

explain with example scan line fill algorithm

compare boundary fill and flood fill algorithm

Module 3 :

Derive the transformation Matrix for fixed point scaling .

Derive matrices for rotation about an arbitrary point

explain the steps used in 2D object an arbitrary axis and derive the matrices for the same

define shearing and give example

write short note on transformation

Module 4,5,6 will be updated soon and answers are being searched !!

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