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Explain the importance of ‘You-Attitude’ with respect to adjustment letters in the corporate environment.
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The ‘you attitude’ is writing style that emphasizes readers rather than the

writer. To write business letter we should not focus or put our self in the place

of receivers. Their desires, problems, circumstances, emotions and probable

reactions are to be taken into consideration. Business letter must be written form

‘you viewpoint’ instead of ‘I or we viewpoint’. You viewpoint emphasize

reader’s interest and help to win the reader’s mind and attention.

For example:

1. I or We attitude: We are sure that our view discount policy will

attractive to you.

You attitude: You will surely appreciate new discount policy.

2. I or We attitude: I am happy to hear that you have selected our


You attitude: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

3. I or we Attitude: I will give you 10% discount

You attitude: You can get 10% discount
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