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distinguish between spontaneous and stimulated emission
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SR NoSpontaneous emissionStimulated emission
1The transition of an electron from the excited state to the ground state happens as a result of the natural tendency of the electron without the action of any external agent. The radiation produced as a result of such transitions is called as spontaneous radiation.Stimulated emission of radiation is the process whereby photons are used to generate other photons that have exact phase and wavelength as that of parent photon.
2This phenomenon is found in LEDs, Fluorescent tubes.This is the key process of formation of laser beam.
3There is no population inversion of electrons in LEDs.Population inversion is achieved by various ‘pumping’ techniques to get amplification giving the LASER its name “Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.”
4No external stimuli required.Thus stimulated emission is caused by external stimuli.
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