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Explain Socio-Psychological Barriers. Suggest remedies to eliminate these
barriers from communication.

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Socio-psychological barriers to communication refer to obstacles that

employees in an organization face while communicating with one another

because of differences in social or psychological factors. Socio-psychological

barriers to communication include background, upbringing, professional status,

language, ethnicity, religion or different habits. These factors create a socialpsychological barrier because they prevent employees from understanding one

another fully. Misunderstandings in the workplace and worsen the impact

of socio-psychological barriers to communication.

Barriers to communication can be overcome by:

• checking whether it is a good time and place to communicate with the


• being clear and using language that the person understands

• communicating one thing at a time

• respecting a person’s desire to not communicate

• checking that the person has understood you correctly

• communicating in a location that is free of distractions

• acknowledging any emotional responses the person has to what you

have said.
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