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How to Ask a Question ? 

  • Click on ask a question  
  • Right your question's first sentence in the title field.
  • Now check if same question is not allready asked. (there will be a list of similar questions while asking)
  • Now write the complete question in the text editor (Provide all details if it includes images upload or link )
  • Enter the tag accordingly (write first 2-3 letters the autocomplete will show you available tags )
  • Tags are very important here they help us to navigate 
  • You should use 2 tags for better response 
  1. first tag for subject 
  2. second for chapter or topic or module
  • Now click on Ask question button and thats it you asked your first question.
Done you asked your first question !wink

How to Answer a Question ?

  • First select a unanswered question to give the answer.
  • Click on the Answer button below the Question
  • Now write your answer in text editor
  • First write the correct answer then write the solution below. Eg.
    Ans. (A) 5kg
    Sol. Because the right answer is 5 kg according to the NTA so I will to anything but I will find out the way that the answer is 5 kg.
  • Now click on Add Answer button thats it you finally added first answer.

How to Use Quesnit for preparing for exams ?

Open Quesnit Go trough tags , click on desired tag and Read 

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The guide is up to date !


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